A New York bridal boutique owner on her most underrated wedding dress style

Lanie List of Lovely Bride divulges to Vogue on how she got her start and what brides-to-be need to keep in mind.
A New York bridal boutique owner on her most underrated wedding dress style
“Bridal was in need of so much reform when I opened Lovely Bride in 2010,” remembers Lanie List, an impossibly alliteratively name of a woman who of course, would open one of the most popular ‘non-bridal bridal’ stores in New York. “I saw so much creativity happening via new, indie designers and photographers, but no one was capturing that youthful spirit in a shop environment,” she says. 

Seven years on, List has stores in 12 cities in the US, with many brides traveling interstate or internationally to visit. Other labels include Alexandra Grecco, Marchesa Notte, Savannah Miller, Christos and Odylyne The Ceremony. “We are always on the lookout for emerging designers that are bringing something new to the table. We also love a personal connection with the designers, as we are building long-term relationships, not fast fashion. And, some of her favourite labels are in fact Antipodean in origin, like Rue De Seine and Chosen by One Day Bridal. “I’m not sure how you all do it down under, but the Australasian designers churn out so much creativity!”   

On how to incorporate your personal style into a bridal look… “Honestly, I don’t focus on ‘personal style’. I’ve seen so many tomboys wear princess gowns and a few pageant girls want to wear sometime simple because they wore evening gowns their whole lives! It’s more about what kind of bride you want to be. I think it’s fine to throw caution to the wind wear a really exciting gown. I believe the make-up is where you should make sure you don’t become unrecognisable, but have fun with your gown!”

What bridal trend do you think needs to be making a resurgence… “That is a very tough question because I’m all about ‘whatever you want to wear and whoever you want to be’ being okay for your wedding day (and any day really). But if I had to chose one thing, I’d like to see more colour come back into bridesmaids dresses. Maybe I’m just all about the bride, but I really want her to be the only one wearing white or ivory on her big day!”

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